QSK and Keying interface Modification for the Ameritron AL-811H Based on Phil Salas ALS-600 QSK Mod.

Visit Phil's website for more information.. http://www.ad5x.com

QSK info:   http://www.ad5x.com/images/Presentations/QSKals500als600RevE.pdf

Caution.!!  when you open the case on the AL-811H you are dealing with lethal voltage unlike the ALS-600. Be sure to discharge the caps and unplug the AC .

Click on the photo for larger view..

This is the view of the AL-811H before it was modified.

View from the side with the finals removed and to the left the antenna relay exposed.

The finals chassis had to be removed to gain access to the relay. In order to remove the chassis you have to remove the band selector shaft. Be sure you mark the position of the wafer switches. I set mine for 160 meter before I removed it.

View of the antenna relay before removal.

Another view of the relay from the contact side.

Relay coil and contacts removed as you will see in Phil's artical on the ALS-600, Phil mounted the QSK relay board directly to the relay post. I decided to remove the total relay and mount the QSK board using the supplied bus wire directly to the amps PC board where the relay posts where soldered.

New QSK board installed. Be sure you install it exactly as the old relay was taken out. The wiring is the same as the ALS-600.

After the QSK board was installed, the keying interface was installed. Phil should have the info regarding the interface on his site in a week or so. The keying interface controls the QSK relay board to supply the nessecary delay.

You can control the keying interface eather by a ground closure as most amps are controlled or using +12VDC which my Kenwood TS2000 can supply in transmit. If you look top left above the ALC control you will see a yellow wire which is soldered to another RCA jack I added. This is used for the +12VDC keying input.

This is the view of the back of the amp where you can see the two keying inputs. This is only nessecary if you have more then one rig with differant amp keying as I do.

Side view of the completed install.

Side view with the RF chassis and finals reinstalled. It works great.